t-Boss7400 ACDC Track Driver - In Stock; Ships in 24 hrs.

ACDC Track Driver for ACDC Type Track Circuits with Extra Power Output for Difficult to Drive Circuits

The Genesis t-Boss7400 (pronounced tee-boss) ACDC track driver (also known as "Style-C," "Type-C" or "Ring-10" track driver) provides 10% more output power than conventional ACDC track drivers, and with the XP (extra-power) option, 25% more output power is available. This enables the t-Boss7400 to drive

  • unusually long track circuits;
  • track circuits with poor ballast during wet weather conditions; and
  • island circuits where the roadway has been chemically treated to melt snow and ice.

The t-Boss7400 uses DC battery power from the signal system to generate AC outputs capable of driving four separate track circuits.

t-Boss7400 Features

  • 12V DC Battery Power Input
  • Four Independent Isolated AC Outputs
  • LED Status Indicator for Battery Input
  • LED Status Indicator for Each AC Track Circuit Output
  • Exceptionally Efficient and Cool Operation
  • Plug-in I/O Connector
  • Three-Year Limited Warranty

 t-Boss7400 Benefits

  • Capable of driving four separate track circuits
  • XP option provides additional power for track circuits that are long or otherwise difficult to drive
  • Maintainer can see "at a glance" the status of the battery input power and each track output
  • Heavy-duty drive electronics and internal surge protection yields greater reliability
  • Plug-in connector ensures quick and error free hook-up
  • Easily mounted enclosure takes up minimal space
  • Meets or exceeds AREMA recommended practices

The t-Boss7400 LED status indicators provide information useful for troubleshooting problems not only with equipment in the bungalow, but also problems with the track circuits or wiring to the circuits. The LED indicators can show if

  • DC battery power is marginally low or high;
  • a track circuit is shunted or occupied;
  • a track circuit is open (broken rail, faulty bond or broken wire);
  • a ring-10 diode has failed
  • a ring-10 diode is installed with incorrect polarity
  • a track output is not connected

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t-Boss7400 Product Information Sheet (Adobe pdf format)

t-Boss7400 Enclosure Drawing (Adobe pdf format)

t-Boss7400 Typical Installation Wiring Diagram (Adobe pdf format)

t-Boss7400 Quick Start User Guide (Adobe pdf format)

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To order the t-Boss7400SP (Standard Power Output), specify
t-Boss7400SP, p/n 10041-1000SP. In Stock; Ships in 24 hrs.

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t-Boss7400XP, p/n 10041-1000XP. In Stock; Ships in 24 hrs.