• User Guides, Manuals and Specification Sheets
t-Rx7100 Shunt Augmenter Product Information Sheet
t-Rx7100 Shunt Augmenter Quick Start User Guide
t-Boss7400 ACDC Track Driver Spec Sheet
t-Boss7400 ACDC Track Driver Quick Start User Guide
t-Fx Precision Flasher Spec Sheet
  • Reference Drawings
t-Rx7100 Enclosure Drawing
t-Rx7100 Installation Wiring Diagram
t-Rx7100 Bench Test Wiring Diagram
t-Boss7400 Enclosure Drawing
t-Boss7400 Typical Installation Wiring Diagram
t-Fx Typical Wiring Diagram
t-Fx Product Timing Diagrams
t-Fx Installation Reference Drawing
  • CAD Files
t-Rx7100 Shunt Augmenter Wiring.dwg (zip file)
t-Boss7400 AC/DC Track Driver Wiring.dwg (zip file)
  • Application Notes
t-Fx Flasher Application Note AN-001 - Using Ancillary Signal Devices to Improve Safety at Rail/Highway Grade Crossing Signals
t-Rx7100 Shunt Augmenter Application Note AN-002 - Using the t-Rx7100 AUXAC Output as an ACDC or Style-C Track Driver