New and Remanufactured Rail Signal EquipmentATSF Cantilever Signal 2711 protects oncoming westbound train traffic in 2001. B.C. Hellman photo.

Genesis often has pre-owned remanufactured signal equipment for sale. Ocassionally, we also have for sale new or like-new signal equipment that has never seen use in actual service.

If you have need of pre-owned signal equipment such as motion sensors, grade crossing predictors, track drivers or specific modules, please email us or give us a call. We might have just what you're looking for.

All remanufactured signal equipment we sell, unless specifically stated otherwise, comes with a 2-year limited warranty on parts and workmanship. Our new products come with a 3-year limited warranty on parts and workmanship. 

t-Rx7100 Rail Shunt Augmenter - In Stock; Ships in 24 hrs.

High-Output Rail Shunt Augmenter for Improving Rail / Wheel Electrical Interface

The Genesis t-Rx7100 Rail Shunt Augmenter or Shunt Enhancer helps to electrically "bite through" rust and contaminants that prevent reliable wheel/rail shunting required for railroad signal warning systems. When the t-Rx7100 is used in conjunction with a motion sensor or grade-crossing predictor that offers "rusty-rail shunting software or firmware," both inbound and outbound rail shunting problems can be virtually eliminated. more...

t-Boss7400 ACDC Track Driver - In Stock; Ships in 24 hrs.

ACDC Track Driver with Extra Power Output

The Genesis t-Boss7400 ACDC track driver (also known as "Style-C," "Type-C" or "Ring-10" track driver) provides 10% more output power than conventional ACDC track drivers, and with the XP (extra-power) option, 25% more output power is available. This enables the t-Boss7400 to drive track circuits that conventional ACDC track drivers cannot consistently and reliably drive.  more...

t-Fx45 and t-Fx60 Precision Solid-state Flashers - In Stock; Ships in 24 hrs.

Two-terminal Precision Flasher with Constant Flash Rate and 50% Duty-Cycle

The Genesis t-Fx45 and t-Fx-60 Solid-state Flashers are designed to alternately interrupt and energize the coil of plug-in relays used to flash the signals for railroad/roadway grade crossings (t-Fx45) or for flashing indications of railroad wayside signals (t-Fx60). The t-Fx45 flashes at 45 flashes per minute whereas the t-Fx60 flashes at 60 flashes per minute. Even when operating at very low voltages, the t-Fx Solid-State Flasher continues to operate at its designed flash rate and duty cycle.

Also available are "strobed" versions of the t-Fx flashers, the t-Fx45s and the t-Fx60s. Both strobed flashers provide a series of four very short and quick pulses at 45 or 60 times per minute and are best suited for driving LED lamp indicators. more...

t-DL1000 & t-DL2000 Simulated Track Load ("Dummy" Track Load) - In Stock; Ships in 24 hrs.

If you're a signal maintainer and you've ever had trouble trying to determine if a false activation problem is in the track or with the motion sensor or grade crossing predictor, you've had a need for a simulated track load, or as some call it, a "dummy" track load.
The Genesis Simulated Track Load enables you to determine without question if the problem is with the track or with the MS or GCP. How? Well, the Dummy Track Load is a “known” good track circuit that is substituted for the “real” track circuit that is in question.

How does it work? The rails and the shunts, whether hard-wired or narrow-band, continued...

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